Peace Conference, Intervention by the Representative of the Catholic Church

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Catholic church lauds the courage and confidence of all of you – gathered here with finding solution to the problems through dialogue. This is a great historical moment, a date with destiny.   Myanmar emerges in the world stage where its leaders, military and other brothers and sisters gather to solve problem through dialogue.

Myanmar is a great example in a world torn asunder by hatred and bloodshed.  For this church congratulates all of you. We are grateful that UN Secretary General His Excellency Ban Ki Moon is here.  Thank you all the international delegates. Your presence ensures this gathering will see great results


Myanmar is a religious nation.   This country never had faith in atheism.  A graceful Theravada Buddhism pervades its culture. From the time immemorial our people sought the spiritual experience in nature, in meditation and in temples.   Christianity has melted with the culture of Myanmar.   Through its schools and hospitals Christianity served the nation.   We are one of the few organizations found among all cultures and people all over Myanmar.   We have worked long among the poor, the ethnic communities.   We have worked for peace all along, peace with justice to all.


The role of religion is well known in the countries in the South East Asia.  People listen to their religious leaders with reverence and follow their guidelines.   Understanding is the enormous faith bestowed on our shoulders; religious leaders in this country have showed admirable collaboration through forming RELIGIONS FOR PEACE INITIATIVE that works among all kinds of people.  We work together in times of natural disasters.  We are working in issues like anti Human Trafficking.


In some of the remotest villages it is the religious leaders who animate the people.  In the camps of the IDPs   religious people accompany the suffering people.   So our presence is helpful in carrying the messages of this conference to all the people especially those affected by conflict.   Catholic Church assures all men and women of good will that it will collaborate with all for making this nation a peaceful and prosperous nation.   Pope John Paul always defined peace as something that is born of justice.   We need to move away from the past, working towards a peace with justice.  For too long we have lived in mutual hatred. Now is the time to assert our oneness.  To create this unity in diversity   Catholic Church commits all its resources in this sacred pilgrimage of hope.

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