Evangelization 2030 Vision for Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference

Yangon, 27 February 2019, by Joseph Win Hlaing Oo


As Myanmar Cardinal Charles Bo, a new president of FABC (Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences) will start his leadership term of FABC from 2019, many people in Myanmar and in Asia are expecting new initiatives and new ways of evangelization across the Asian Continent which is actually, the birthplace of Jesus Christ and is the birthplace of all religions in the world too. As a new president begins his president ministry, I (Joseph Win Hlaing Oo, posted picture) would like to give a new and fresh strategy for revitalizing FABC in the personal interest of Jesus Christ himself.

  1. I would like to propose Dr. Paul Hwang as a new General Secretary in the Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs (OEIA). He has been actually doing Asian Youth Academy (AYA)/ Asian Theology Forum (ATF) which has proved to its effectiveness and efficiency for the last 10 years and the “Moving School” which have been taking place in a country where more young people could have a similar program to AYA/ATF several times in Asian countries every year. I believe by appointing Dr. Paul Hwang, he will surely organize FEISA (Faith Encounters in Social Action) in order to make FABC more “Synodal” church whose spirit should be spread to each diocese in Churches in Asia which has proximately some 500 dioceses.
  2. We need participation of Lay Theologians in the Office of Theological Concern (OTC) in FABC. The reason is that by participation of lay theologians in the Office of Theological Concern (OTC), FABC will have a vibrant energy for The Church in Asia. For this proposal, I would like to propose Mr. Emmanuel Serafica de Guzman from Philippines to member of OTC.
  3. We need a new way of Evangelization 2030 strategy. In Evangelization 2030, FABC should explore a possible program of Online Catholic Theological Studies for Faith Formation of Laity who are actually the builders of Catholic Church and fundamental missionaries of Jesus Christ among millions of Asians everyday. I believe that while laypeople are Church builders and missionaries, Cardinals, Bishops, priests and religious are actually maintainers of the Church, built by laypeople.

With Christ’s call,

Joseph Win Hlaing Oo,

Rector of Joseph Education Institute (JEI)


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