Prayers from Myanmar Church to Missio Austria and in the World

My dear friends in Missio Austria,
all my brothers and sisters in the world

The world stands at the crossroads of pain and anxiety. Despite humanity’s great advances, economic progress and stockpiling arms the invisible virus is threatening our generation. People of Austria you have known our pain and journeyed with us in Asia and Africa by sharing your bread of compassion.

Today we wish to journey with you in your moment of spiritual challenge. Myanmar is so far saved from outbreak but we are getting ready. On behalf the Catholics in Myanmar we wish to break with you our words of consolation. Your hands reached out to us wipe our tears during natural disasters and other dark days. As a church in spiritual communion, we pray to the Lord of life your families and the people of Austria and elsewhere be brought under protective wings of the living, loving and liberating God. We pray with total confidence that this pandemic will pass away in Austria and all over as the mighty Lord waves his healing hand.

Thank you
Cardinal Charles Maung BO SdB
Archbishop of Yangon

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