Myanmar Evaluation Seminar on 50 Years’ Services of FABC

Yangon, (GNJ) – Cardinal Charles Bo, the president of Federation Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC) and Archbishop of Yangon, led a ONE day an evaluation seminar on the past (50) years’ services of FABC for the people of Asia and the universal Church on 29th May 2021 at his residence in Yangon, Myanmar.

Cardinal Charles Bo giving Opening Remark


In his opening remark, His Eminence explained the audience that FABC was founded by Pope Paul VI in 1970 and it has already entered the Golden Jubilee (50 Years) in 2020 in which it planed to celebrate the Jubilee in Bangkok with the theme of Journeying together as peoples of Asia, “…..and they went to a different way (Mt. 2:12)”. However, he sadly said that due to the emergence of corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, the celebration was postponed and he hopes the celebration can be done before his second-term presidency of FABC before 2024.


A Nun reading FABC Guide Document for 50 General Conference


The evaluation seminar was attended by (58) participants of (5) religious priests, (8) lay women, (2) layman and (43) nuns from 12 numbers of different Religious congregations which base in Yangon.

Out of (57) participants, about (40) participants reported that they do not even hear and know the meaning of FABC. A nun from Charity Congregation said that she just came to know FABC only when she joined this seminar and she wished if Myanmar Catholic Bishops and FABC should promote the nature and services of FABC Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences :: WELCOME! ( in Myanmar Catholic members.

We made (7) groups of about 9 to 10 members from the participants. And His Eminence gave us the same (5) questions to be answered by each group of the participants and we submitted our respective group answers on the questions to Cardinal Charles Bo.


A nun from St. Joseph Congregation advised FABC that it should translate all documents of FABC teachings into Myanmar language. Another nun from Sisters of Charity suggested FABC that it should uplift a declining cultures of indigenous people in Asia. A nun from St. Francis Xavier suggested FABC that it should train well priests who will be missionaries to other parts of the world before they are sent out.


My surprise was that there was no diocesan priest from any diocese to this evaluation seminar. All participants were religious (priests and nuns), laywomen and laymen in this seminar.

Group Evaluation on FABC Questions


The (5) questions are as follows;

  1. How can the Church in Asia continue to become the good news in the light of the emerging realities?
  2. How could the FABC more effectively serve and support the Bishops and their conferences in Asia?
  3. How can a renewed appreciation of the blessings and richness of Asia contribute to the Church?
  4. How can the Church in this part of the World contribute to a better Asia?
  5. How can the Church in Asia contribute to the Universal Church?


The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) is a voluntary association of episcopal conferences (18) countries numbering more than 1000 Catholic Bishops in South, Southeast, East and Central Asia, established with approval of the Holy See. Its purpose is to foster among its members solidarity and co-responsibility for the welfare of the Church and society in Asia, and to promote and defend whatever is for the greater good.

By Joseph Win Hlaing Oo