Missing Indonesian submarine has sunk, objects recovered: Military chief

BALI: There is evidence that the missing Indonesian KRI Nanggala 402 submarine has sunk, while objects have been recovered, said military chief Hadi Tjahjanto on (Apr 24) Saturday.

The submarine – one of five in Indonesia’s fleet – disappeared early Wednesday during live torpedo training exercises off Bali. (Photo: AFP/Handout)

Speaking in a press conference, he said: “The navy has found oil spill and parts of objects which is evidence that the KRI Nanggala has sunk.”

Navy chief Yudo Margono added: “ Over the past few days, we’ve recovered debris and items from the last location that the submarine was diving.”

“ (The items) would not have come outside the submarine if there was no external pressure or without damage to its torpedo launcher.”

The KRI Nanggala 402 submarine went missing on Wednesday with 53 people on board when taking part in a torpedo drill in north Bali waters. Contact with the vessel was lost at 4.30 am local time, after it asked for permission to dive at 3 am.


Crew members of Indonesian Navy???s maritime patrol aircraft of 800 Air Squadron of the 2nd Air Wing of Naval Aviation Center (PUSPENERBAL) use binocular during a search for submarine KRI Nanggala that went missing on Wednesday, over the Bali Sea, Indonesia, Saturday, April 24, 2021. The oxygen supply for the 53 crew members of the Indonesian submarine missing in waters off Bali is believed to have run out early Saturday with no sign of the vessel while the search resumed, bolstered by the arrival of a sonar-equipped Australian warship. (AP Photo/Eric Ireng)


A total of 49 crew members, one ship commander and three weapons specialists were on board the submarine, the defence ministry had said.

The military assumed that the submarine experienced a power outage. In that condition, the submarine could have run out of oxygen by 3 am on Saturday.

At least 25 Indonesian ships have joined the search. More vessels from other countries have also been deployed to assist.

Source: CNA/aw

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